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The donations listed on this page have been made to First Step Charity in memory of people who had meaning in our lives.   These donations enable First Step to continue its mission of providing access to health care.

Donation in memory of two beautiful and extraordinary young women who left this world too soon, Emma Katharine Newman, May 30, 1984 -March 19, 2018 and Candice Eileen Lewis, October 28, 1991 - April 6, 2020 --Dr. David E Newman and Rev. Lesley M. Adams



Donations in Honor and Memory of Gladys Hedderson

--Rick and Melissa Hedderson

--Lee and Sharon Coulson

--David and Jenny Pepper

--Families and Friends of Gladys Hedderson

Donation in Memory of Guy Pilgrim
--Alasdair Pilgrim
Donation in Memory of Llewellyn and Minnie Hillier
--Ernest Hillier

Donation in Memory of Velma Burden
--Gracie Burden
Donation in Memory of Carmen Marie Hedderson
--Dwane Hedderson and Florence Hedderson
Donation in Memory of Bruce Patey
--Rhonda and Mike Green
Donation in Memory of Ambrose Pilgrim
--Cathy MacDonald


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