Requesting Assistance

If you would like assistance from First Step, please complete the

Online application below.



You may click on the  “Download Form” button  below to  download and print the PDF Request Assistance Form, pick up the Form at the MFA Office, the St. Anthony Town Office, the St. Lunaire-Griquet Town Office, from Social Workers at the Hospital, or from any of the First Step Board members.


Once you have completed the Form

you may either:

email it to; give it to one of the Board members or Mavis Hillier; call 709.623.2007 for pickup; or mail it  to First Step, PO Box 144, St. Lunaire-Griquet NL Canada A0K 2X0.​

If you need assistance, please call 709.623.2007

First Step prefers people request assistance in advance of their medical trip.  But, we realize this is not always possible.   If you are unable to request in advance, we require that you submit your request to First Step no later than 30 days after your medical trip.

First Step Maintains Strict Confidence Regarding All Matters Related to Assistance

First Step offers e-transfer reimbursement for amounts of $500 or less.

Requesting Assistance Form


PO Box 144, St. Lunaire-Griquet, NL Canada A0K 2X0      •      •     709.623.2007

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